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Ban Appeal Format / Formato de peticion para ser desbaneado

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Ban appeals for other people will not be accepted, unless the said person is affected by someone else's forum ban, and you post a direct quote from them containing the completely filled format.
Anything like "unban my friend/brother/mother/dog" will get you banned from posting.

Ban appeal format

Game Name:
Date you were banned:
Suspected Reason:
IP Address: (use for assistance)
Admin that banned you:
Why should we unban you?:
Extra note:


Formato de peticion para ser desbaneado

Nombre que usas en el juego:
Fecha en que fuiste baneado:
Razón por la cual fuiste baneado:
Dirección IP: (usa para ver tu IP)
Admin que te baneo:
¿Por qué crees que deberíamos desbanearte?:
Nota adicional:

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